Need More Employee Company Reviews From Happier Employees? Easy.

Become a job searcher’s obvious choice in 30 seconds or less, with RVWBOT.

Slack on Iphone X
Slack on Iphone X
slack app for HR


From start to finish, our Slack app makes it easy to connect RVWBOT to job search sites like Glassdoor, Monster, or Indeed.

Once connected, RVWBOT automatically sends a review invitation to team members after they are added to Slack for the first time.

By carefully timing requests for employee reviews, RVWBOT makes it more likely that your workforce will have positive feedback. See a rank increase on review sites, while boosting your ability to attract top talent.

Positive Reviews

Employees will leave better positive reviews if you ask at the right time and place.

Increased Volume

Job seekers don’t know who to trust. The solution is more reviews from more employees.

Attract Talent

The most skillful and dedicated talent seeks employment where they are certain to be happy.

Easier, Automated Employee Company Reviews

At RVWBOT, we believe in a better way to earn employee reviews. We have created an app to automate the employee review process to make your job easier and improve your company reputation.

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Getting happy employees to review is more of an art than a science, but you can motivate them to write positive reviews if they see how it helps the company, don’t feel pressured, and are ensured anonymity.


To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace

Douglas Conant

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