We’ve designed RVWBOT to assist Human Resources departments with recruiting and talent acquisition. 

Who is RVWBOT for?

Human beings don’t naturally make a lot of noise when things are going well. We’re much more likely to complain when we don’t like something.

The trouble is that sometimes, the ones who aren’t happy prevent others from finding what they need, like a job opportunity that provides the kind of work environment and benefits that would best help them to thrive.

You do all you can to make sure the positive aspects and benefits of your workplace aren’t drowned out by a few unhappy people. Happy employees need to speak up, too!

RVWBOT makes it easy for HR departments to help new employees leave positive reviews of their company or office on job-search sites like Glassdoor, Monster, or Indeed with minimal effort, and no confusion.

What does RVWBOT do?

RVWBOT is an app that seamlessly links with your Slack channels to make it easy for your employees to leave reviews of your company on the job search sites of your choice.

Getting happy employees to review is more an art than a science, but you can motivate employees to write positive reviews if they see how it helps the company, understand the process, don’t feel pressured, and are ensured anonymity.

RVWBOT provides all of this. An automated message invites your team members to write a review, and it sends a review link automatically any time a new teammate is added to a workspace channel.

Why do I need RVWBOT?

Just as every prospective employee competes with their peers in the marketplace to land the best jobs, your organization competes against your competitors in the same marketplace to find and hire the best talent.

How do you stand out from the crowd? Prospective employees do it by presenting their achievements and talents via finely-polished resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and professional references and recommendations.

Your organization does it via its websites and their content, job fairs and other outreach events, and crucially, via reviews and recommendations from both current and former employees.

How much influence do you have over that crucially important voice, regarding the type of workplace you provide?

If you want to be a prospective employee’s immediate top choice on Glassdoor, you need to be sure that influence is strong. We’ve got an app for that!

How can I get and use RVWBOT?

  • Click on the “Add to Slack” button
  • Sign up for a $30 monthly subscription giving you unlimited invitation sends to employees in your workspace!
  • Authorize Slack to use RVWBOT
  • Copy the URL of the job search site that you want reviews for, and paste it into the app setup instructions dialog
  • Congratulations! Your employees will get an automatic invitation to leave a review after 3 days in their new Slack workspace!